Crik-IT is the powerful portal that helps you process warranty claims better

Using Crik-IT's warranty processing portal, your B2B customers submit warranty claims (even attaching photos or other documents), then your technical department can update claim status and more. Your reps, customers, and staff can see the status of a warranty claim anytime they like. And, your company management can run reports showing which parts are most problematic, what it's costing you, and what the issues are.

Here are some examples.

Your B2B customer (or rep, on behalf of a customer) goes to Crik-IT to enter a warranty claim, attaching photos or other relevant documents. The information captured on the claim is determined by you and can be customized based on the specific product line of the item.

Your customer can go to Crik-IT at any time to see the status of their warranty claims. Your customer can instantly see any replacement part orders, or invoices, or credits that you have entered into your system that are related to this claim.

Your warranty claims processing department can see all claims that have been submitted via Crik-IT.  They can access photos, download the claim form, update the status, request more info, and more, right from within Crik-IT.

Here's a sample claim processing screen. You decide what information gets captured. You may want test results or other technical info recorded.

When your claim processing department updates the status on a claim, the customer contact for that claim is automatically sent an email notification.

That's a quick overview. Want to discuss your requirements or schedule a demo? Contact us!