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Look what our subscribers are saying...

"Three years ago we hired a company to build exactly what Crik-IT is. Nothing has been delivered. I wish I had known about Crik-IT three years ago. We've wasted tons of time and money."
Manager, Mfr -- before subscribing to Crik-IT

After referring us to some other companies, our subscriber said this: "I've got some other names I could give you, but I won't because they do business in our territory!""
General Manager, Distributor Subscriber

"Crik-IT is an excellent value."
Operations Manager, Mfr Subscriber

When asked what she would say to another company considering Crik-IT:  "You should have done it two years ago!! It's a no-brainer.... nothing but positive!"
General Mgr, Distributor Subscriber

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Crik-IT Warranty Processing Portal

Using Crik-IT's warranty processing portal, your B2B customers submit warranty claims (even attaching photos or other documents), then your technical department can update claim status and more. Your reps, customers, and staff can see the status of a warranty claim anytime they like. And, your company management can run reports showing which parts are most problematic, what it's costing you, and what the issues are.


Let me show you just a couple of examples...  first, from your customer's perspective...

A couple weeks ago, Connie Consumer ordered a woodstove from Emberly Yours, one of your B2B customers. Now Teddy Technician is installing her woodstove. During the installation, he finds that the paint on the top panel is chipped so he has to file a warranty claim with your warranty claims department. He can enter the claim (including attaching photos) and track it's progress via Crik-IT. Heck, Crik-IT even emails Teddy when your folks change the status on the claim. And, Teddy can see any replacement part orders or labor credits issued by your claim processing department for this claim.

And now, from your warranty claims processing department perspective...

When Teddy Technician submits the warranty claim, your warranty claim department gets an email with the claim attached. Your folks can then go to Crik-IT to the Warranty Claim processing page to review the claim, update the status, assign a problem code, request more info, and more.

With all this warranty claim processing information, Crik-IT is able to give you detailed reports about which parts are failing most and why. This is HUGELY valuable information that many companies simply don't have access to or the time to compile. Crik-IT keeps you on top of your quality issues.



That's just a little taste of how Crik-IT helps you manage your warranty claims process and related costs.