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Look what our subscribers are saying...

"You ain't taking my Crik-IT away from me!"
National Sales Manager, Mfr Subscriber

"Before I had Crik-IT, I was working by the seat of my pants.  IF I got reports at all, they were always months behind...  the information was too old to be useful for working with my dealers."
Sales Rep, Distributor Subscriber

"It used to take me 3 hours to put together the 3-year comparison report.  Now with Crik-IT I could run the report at least 90 times in those 3 hours."
National Sales Manager, Mfr Subscriber

"I can drill-down and look at the data however I want... by units, by dollars... by rep, by dealer, by product line... actual vs forecast... whatever I want, whenever and wherever I want it."
National Sales Manager, Mfr Subscriber

"Crik-IT's support is awesome.  They are very responsive to product suggestions."
Sales Manager, Distributor Subscriber

"What's the most encouraging is that [our non-technical Sales Manager] is using Crik-IT. I've seen it open on his computer several times when passing by his office. He's finding it to be more accessible and relevant than the info given directly through our internal system."
General Manager, Mfr Subscriber

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How much time do you spend generating and distributing sales reports for your sales reps?  How current is the information the reps get once they get it?  Our rep users tell us all the time that before they had Crik-IT they were "flying blind".  Because they didn't have timely access to current information about their customers, they couldn't provide the targeted support needed to maximize their customers' sales.

Crik-IT changes that.

Let me show you just a couple of examples...

It's Sunday night and Joe Rep wants to see how his territory is performing.  He logs in to Crik-IT and checks his dashboard which tells him at a glance how he's doing...


For more info -- including actual versus forecast, he runs up-to-date sales reports like these...


Monday morning, Joe Rep is paying a visit to his customer, Emberly Yours.  He pulls into the parking lot and before heading in for his visit, he pulls Crik-IT up on his tablet.  He checks to see if Emberly Yours has any credit issues, outstanding warranty claims, or back orders.  He also checks the contact notes to get an idea of what's been going on with this customer throughout his company.  He can also run sales reports for this customer to see if they're on target for meeting their goals.


Several of our rep users have told us that their customers are impressed with how well the rep knows them.  And it's all because of Crik-IT.


That's just a little taste of how Crik-IT makes sales reps more successful.