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Look what our subscribers are saying...

"I use Crik-IT to check stock and to provide my customer with alternatives. If I see that the item the customer wants isn't currently available, I can offer alternatives and upgrade them to a different model. This way, I'm not saying 'No'."
Customer Service Rep, Mfr Subscriber

"Looking up information with Crik-IT is much faster than using our inventory system. Everything shows on one page and I don't have to hit multiple keys and go through multiple screens to get the information I want. I can do stock checks much faster on Crik-IT than on our internal system"
Inside Account Manager, Mfr Subscriber

"I just used Crik-IT for the first time... I submitted 4 orders to [the manufacturer]. I honestly don't think I could have filled out the fax header as quick as I completed the entire order on Crik-IT. I am sold. Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks? Thank you again for making life easier."
Dealer, Mfr Subscriber

"For our customers using Crik-IT, if they have a customer right in front of them who wants a particular color stove, they could save an hour by just going to Crik-IT to check stock rather than making a phone call and waiting for a call back."
Inside Sales, Distributor Subscriber

"Crik-IT is already showing its value as [our Sales Manager] was able to have a virtual meeting with a rep while both sides could see the same information being discussed. It was an eye opener for one of the reps to see how much his territory is down in sales this year. As well as encouraging to see one reps territory up in sales by a significant amount."
Operations Manager, Mfr Subscriber

"Great product with great support"
Operations Manager, Mfr Subscriber

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When we originally designed Crik-IT, we had sales reps and B2B customers in mind.  We've been mightily surprised by the heavy usage of Crik-IT by our subscribers' internal staff.  When we inquired about this, our subscribers told us that it's easier to get the information they need from Crik-IT than it is from their internal systems.  Well, that just warms our hearts!

We have found that the heaviest internal staff users are in our subscribers' sales department, customer service department, and technical (warranty claims) department.

Let me show you a few examples...

Vic P. Sales uses Crik-IT to manage his sales force.  When he logs in, he sees a dashboard showing him at a glance how things are going overall & by territory. 

He can establish unit volume goals, sales dollar goals, dealer visit goals, and access reports showing how each of his reps is doing against those goals.   Using Crik-IT's contact notes feature, he can assign tasks to his reps.


Cindy works in the customer service department.  She uses Crik-IT to access customer info, inventory info, and more because she finds it much easier to use than the internal systems available to her.
And, Cindy uses Crik-IT to upload documents to the Crik-IT Library, selecting whether reps and/or B2B customers (customer management users versus customer staff users) can access the library items.
And, when a customer calls needing to have a copy of an invoice faxed, Cindy walks the customer through how to access that invoice via Crik-IT instead... reducing future phone calls and making a customer happy.
And Cindy loves that Crik-IT sends alerts to her customers when they forget to submit a purchase order, or when Crik-IT doesn't receive an order confirmation for an order the customer placed... and more.  This makes Cindy's job easier and provides great customer service automatically!



Crik-IT is also heavily used by warranty claim processors.  Click here to see how Crik-IT's warranty claim processing features help companies like yours stay on top of quality issues and claims processing.


That's just a little taste of how Crik-IT makes your staff more productive.