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 Crik-Link is available for QuickBooks too!
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 Dealers, do you spend hours and hours updating Evosus?

 Is it a pain in your neck when your vendors change their prices?  Does this mean that you have to spend hours updating your prices and costs in Evosus?  Couldn't you find something better to do with your time?

And, how much time does it take you to enter items into Evosus when your vendors start offering new products?

Well... Guess What?!

With Crik-Link for Evosus, prices and costs can be updated from Crik-IT at the click of a button.  And, items can be set up in your Evosus item list from Crik-IT... again at the click of a button!

No more data entry errors!  No more spending your (or your staff's) precious time on mundane data entry tasks!  No more exporting, reformatting, importing messiness!

I gotta ask you, how much easier can it get?

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Crik-Link for Evosus

Crik-Link allows dealers to automatically download updated information from Crik-IT (such as vendor price updates) into their own Evosus system, saving hours and hours of time and protecting their sales margins.

Check out this video showing how it works in Evosus.  Or take a look at the following screenshots to get an intro to how it works.

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Add Items to your Item List in Evosus from Crik-IT

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Update Evosus Prices / Costs from Crik-IT

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