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Look what our subscribers are saying...

"Crik-IT saves me so much freaking time! Seriously."
National Sales Manager, Mfr Subscriber

"Crik-IT adds a whole new dimension to our business relationship with our customers! With it our customers have access to our inventory and their account 24/7. In addition to being able to view inventory/check stock, they also have access to their account- they can view invoices, account balances, product purchase history & open orders. They can place orders, submit warranty claims, keep track of display units, direct link to manufacturer websites for detailed product information-- they can even view a library of our recent announcement & sales/promos. Crik-IT provides them with the tools they need to be able to help their customers at any time. Crik-IT also has exceptional customer service- they are able to customize reports/screens to best suit our business needs. We would recommend Crik-IT to any business- EXCELLENT reviews all around!!"
Operations, Distributor Subscriber

"This allows my customers [in a different time zone] to view our inventory, pricing, tracking information immediately, no lost sales for those who use it. They can print copies of missing invoices, get invoices emailed to not just one email address but three! I can print out & export reports with ease...and it just keeps getting better and better, easier and easier to use. Every dealer I talk to, I tell them about Crik-IT and how they should be using it."
Inside Sales, Mfr Subscriber

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Crik-IT makes it easier for your distribution channel to sell your products. With instant access to pertinent information you choose to show, even a new salesperson can quickly answer consumers' questions. And, harried business owners can enter warranty claims and submit orders on THEIR timetable rather than being limited to your operating hours.  Oh yeah... one other thing... your customers can opt to automatically update their own compatible* systems when you have price updates or new product offerings, saving them days of data entry and gaining you their love & appreciation!


Let me show you just a couple of examples...

Susie Salesgal is working with Connie Consumer in the showroom. Connie is interested in a woodstove, but she needs to know if the model has the BTUs needed to heat her home and if Susie can deliver the stove within Connie's timeframe. Susie is a new employee and doesn't know all the specs about the stove. Using Crik-IT, she can quickly get to all the info she needs without having to play phone tag with your folks. She closes the sale AND sells Connie add-on items for the stove... All because of Crik-IT.

Several of our B2B customer users have told us that Crik-IT enables them to respond immediately to consumer questions rather than playing telephone tag with the manufacturer/distributor...  converting what would have been a walk-out into an order.


Now that Susie has a firm order for the woodstove, Peter Purchaser uses Crik-IT to place the order with you. When entering the order, Crik-IT notices that the woodstove has related items (or accessories), so Crik-IT walks Peter through the related items so he can easily order any needed. This greatly reduces ordering errors. For example, Peter can't order the black legs if the stove being ordered is green.


When the woodstove arrives, Teddy Technician goes to Connie Consumer's home to install it.  While there, he notices that the paint on the top panel is chipped.  Click here to see how Crik-IT's warranty claim processing helps Teddy submit and manage warranty claims.


That's just a little taste of how Crik-IT makes it easier for your distribution channel to do business with you... which means, of course, that you'll get more business. 


* includes QuickBooks Pro, Premier, and Enterprise, and Evosus Software